About Us

Perhaps it is fitting and proper that the Traffic Club of Baltimore came into existence in 1913. It was a year for big things. The Woolworth Building which rose on Manhattan Island was the largest such edifice in the world at the time. Also of immensity was the construction of the largest object ever made by man up to that time the steamship Vaterland (later to be known as the Leviathan) was launched in April, 1913. The production line as industry has known it for years came into being at the Ford Motor plant. (In addition to great things, there was also the sorrowful birth of the Federal Income Tax Law.)

So, our little club became part of these great happenings when on January 17th, a special meeting was held in the B&O Railroad central building for the purpose of converting the Baltimore Railroad and Steamship Association into the Traffic Club of Baltimore. The constitution laid out the object of the club, and read The purpose shall be to promote good fellowship among its members and close relationships between the Traffic Transportation, Shipping, Commercial and Industrial organizations in Baltimore.

In the twenties, there were two developments of note for the club. The first issue of a printed Traffic Club Record was dated June 21, 1921 and in December of 1922 article two of our constitution was amended to read The object of this organization shall be the promotion of the general welfare of its members, the friendly discussion of traffic, transportation and such other subjects as may be of mutual interest to the membership, and to bring about a better acquaintance among its members, and with the approval of the Board of Governors, to support movements for the advancement of the City of Baltimore.

The face of our industry has changed drastically over the course of our one hundred and three year history, and the club has changed along with it. However, our goal today remains remarkably true to the vision of our former members. Today Article II of our constitution reads The object of the Club shall be the promotion of the transportation industry, the general welfare of its members to bring about a better acquaintance among them and, with the approval of the Board of Governors, to support movements for the advance of the Baltimore metropolitan area and the educational and charitable efforts of residents of the community.

Each of the events listed on our calendar are held not only for the enjoyment and benefit of our membership, but to raise money for scholarships and charitable contributions to the community that are awarded each May at the end of our fiscal year. Your membership in the Traffic Club of Baltimore not only strengthens your ties to the transportation community, it strengthens your community at large.